How to choose the right outfit to go to the gym?

What shoes, clothing and underwear should you buy when planning a workout at the gym or in the fitness class? Experts advise: You can practice in casual tracksuits, but remember about a proper pair of footwear and – for ladies – sports bra. Check out what clothes and shoes you will need for your first gym visit.

Summer is coming, you signed up for fitness and gym and … you do not have what to wear. There are a lot of different kinds of shoes and clothes in stores, but … how can you not get lost? What to look for? What to put attention to when choosing shoes?

What kind of shoes for gym should I get?

There are many companies producing sports footwear on the market. One of the most important issue is the model of shoes. It is important that the shoe is designed for the activity that we plan, in this case for fitness class or gym. Such shoes will provide us with safety during exercise and confidence that we do not hurt our feet and joints. Suitable fitness shoes should have built-in shock-absorbing cushions, anti-skid pads and breathable materials.

Is it worth to buy a special lingerie?

Yes! Many people do not put much of an attention to an underwear during workout, but it is as important as proper shoes (especially for ladies).

It is worth investing in a suitable bodywork model that will smooth out any shock. Wearing a regular bra for a long time for gym or fitness class results in skin stretching on the bust, which leads to an unattractive look of that part of the body. Besides, any underwear ornaments, such as lace, embroidery or bows, can cause abrasions during intense workouts.

How to choose the right sports bra? It is best to go to a lingerie shop (most popular lingerie brands offer sports models) and simply try on different models. You can also consider buying sports panties. But if you do not want to spend that money now, look in your closet for a seamless lingerie – that’s the perfect way to avoid getting busted.

What about clothes?

Sportswear companies are doing their best each season to design new cuts, use fancy colors or use the newest technologies. In such stores, everyone will find something for themselves and will be able to feel fashionable. Sportswear manufactured by well-known trusted companies includes technologies to remove sweat from the outside, keep the body at the right temperature, or even prevent the buildup of bacteria on the skin.

What to look for when choosing a gym outfit?

Clothing should be as fitted as possible. All unnecessary ornaments, such as sequins, belts, buckles, fringes, which simply disturb you when working out, may also be a threat to certain gym devices.

Clothes are less important than choosing the right shoes and underwear. You should remember that the most important thing is your well-being. Leggings are the most fashionable, but you do not feel well wearing them, then it is not worth investing in them – you will certainly find yourself in the store looser trousers.

What do you need for the gym?

If you go shopping before your first visit to the gym and would like to buy anything you need, you can also consider buying:

  • A bag -There is no need to wear special sports bags, but there are many nice models specially designed for the gym goers, so most of them have separate shoe compartments, separate water pockets, small pockets for keys, documents or music player;
  • A towel – in every gym I have been to it was not possible to work out without a towel due to hygienic requirements. Pay attention to this! When you use a mat or gym equipment, put a towel before you sit on it. This can be a normal towel, but you can also buy towels from a special sports collection;
  • Pair of socks – Sports socks are made of special material designed to prevent from abrasions and bacteria spreading on the skin of the feet.

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