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What Should Guys Wear To The Gym?

Open your Instagram and there will be at least a few pics of your female friends and other girls in the gym wearing the brightest leggings known to man and a seemingly brand spanking new pair of trainers. In fact head to any gym and it’ll seem like girls just know how to make looking sweaty and exhausted easy thanks for female gym fashion.

But what about us blokes who wouldn’t be seen dead in an old pair of shorts fomr the back of wardrobe and a Kings of Leon Tee you bought 10 years ago that’s seen better days.

Guys, we need to look fresh at the gym too, and here are some of my top gym gear picks for us.

The Top: Jack & Jones Tech T-Shirt with Chest Stripe

I really like this top form Jack & Jones because it doesn’t really look like a clingy gym shirt. It’s got a nice looser fit around the waist and chest which is ideal if you sweat it up in the gym and hate your top just sticking to you. It’s also nice in that it doesn’t have the outright appearance of fitness gear too, so you won’t feel too silly walking out of the gym afterwards in an outfit that screams “hey look at me i just worked out”. At the time of the writing it was £17 on ASOS which is a fair price.


The Shorts: New Look Jersey Shorts

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the recent active wear range New Look has launched. The shop is often overlooked for men’s fashion and I feel the same can be said for their gym range. These £18 shorts have the look of a brand new pair of Nike shorts that can be anywhere between £30-£40 and are in just as good a condition. One big thing for me is pockets in shorts as I cna’t stand any that have no pockets, or even worse, just once back pocket right in the middle that you can barely fit a phone in when you’re trying to run. For anyone who has a strict budget and can’t really afford big brand gym gear, I’d suggest popping in to New Look next time you’re going by you’ll be surprised by the quality of their new gym stuff. I’ve managed to get some nice t-shirts for quite cheap too.


The Tracky Bottoms: adidas Training Tapered Pants In Black

This is the go-to pair of bottoms for guys in the gym these days. I’ve been to the Sports Direct nearest to my gym on several lunch breaks and they only ever seem to have pairs in super small or incredibly large on the rail ( I ended up getting 10% off a pair online using an Adidas promo code). I wear mine when I know I’m only going to be working with dumbbells around a bench and not going anywhere near a squat rack or elliptical. The bottoms have Adidas climacool fabric which means you won’t be sweating or having them sticking to your legs.

The Leggings: Under Armour Men’s HeatGear® SuperVent Compression ¾ Leggings

Men should not fear the power of the leggings in the gym. Wearing a pair under your shorts is great if you’re looking for a little compression when on the treadmill or getting up early for a morning run through the park. When it’s your first time trying a pair on it can feel a little weird but after a while you’ll find you never want to leave them out of your gym bag.

These 3/4 length leggings from Under Armour are roughly £50, which is a little steep, but if you prefer higher end gear they’re great. They have a mesh back panel that is ultra-durable & delivers superior ventilation from other pairs (try a Primark pair and you’ll feel the difference), and they also have Anti-odour technology to stop the growth of odour-causing microbes which means you can get away with wearing them two days in a row if you’ve forgotten to take them out of your bag and throwing in the washing machine when you get home.

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